Greenwhich Township Attempts to Stop Public From Recording Public Meetings

Greenwhich Township has unlawfully banned the recording of public meetings by the public. The governing body as well as the solicitor have been warned to stop violating the public's rights in the email below. The media was additionally copied. If anyone is stopped from recording future meetings please email me at

Second Lawsuit Filed in Greenwhich Township

Most of the time when I need to sue for records the custodian cleans up their act. Sometimes though multiple lawsuits need to be filed. Just days after Greenwhich paid my attorney for the first lawsuit we had to file another. This time the custodian is refusing to turn over emails. 

Cape May City Clerk Ignores Warning; Continues to Violate OPRA in Defiance

The city of Cape May clerk, Louise F. Cummiskey was given a stern warning that she was in violation of OPRA's immediate release provision today. The email was sent shortly after a lawsuit was filed with the Government Records Council. 

Although OPRA normally gives a custodian 7 full business days to turn over records, some records pertaining to financial matters must be released immediately.  

The custodian however ignored the warning and failed to release the records showing her conduct is willful and intentional. I will be asking the state to fine her for this defiant violation. 

OPRA prescribes penalties for knowing and willful violations of the act: a mandatory civil fine of $1,000 for an initial violation, $2,500 for a second violation within the subsequent 10 years and $5,000 for a third within 10 years of the first.

Lawsuits and requests for fines will continue to be filed until the custodian complies with the law. 

NJ Dept of Education Continues to Violate OPRA in Defiance of State Law

Out of all the government agencies I have filed OPRA requests with the New Jersey Department of Education is the most defiant. Although the Commissioner of Education is a designated member of the Government Records Council, this agency could care less about the law. They make up their own rules for public access.  

OPRA requires custodians to grant access to records in the medium requested as well as the specified delivery method. In 2014 the GRC found the DOE in violation twice for doing this. 

Recently, I noticed the DOE's newest custodian Donna J. Fletcher-Lugo who has worked for the state for more then 36 years has continued the tradition of refusing to comply. She has been claiming records can't be emailed because there are too many of them for their server to handle. However in 2014 the DOE was ordered to email me hundreds of pages of documents. 

Recently the DOE turned over emails showing how often this is going on. I'm going to start requesting each and everyone of these requests to determine whether or not the custodian is telling the truth of lying out of convenience. Stay tuned! 

More tax dollars on the hook in Hamilton

Township of Hamilton wastes more tax payer dollars asking court to reconsider my attorney fee award in their failed lawsuit. Bellow is the motion. Click here for Press of Atlantic City coverage. 

Township of Hamilton Continues Anti-Transparency Policies

The Township of Hamilton is in danger of more embarrassing and costly litigation as they continue to hide public records. 

The latest dispute is over their Facebook page. In late June I noticed they were hiding public comments on the police department page. As we all know the public has right to protest and bring grievance to the government. The Township of Hamilton Police Department is subject to the criticism of the public. They should have the professionalism to except that criticism.

On July 7th the Township Clerk Joan Anderson responded to the request demanding a service charge of $781 in order to release the comments.

The Township was put on notice today (with the Press of Atlantic City copied) they I would initiate immediate litigation if they failed to promptly turn over the records. 
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